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Understanding Your Tax Calculation

Welcome to the "My Property Tax Breakdown Calculator" web page. Ever wondered why your tax bill increase may be higher than the average tax rate increase posted by the District? There may be a number of reasons, including:

  • Changes in the assessed value of your property
  • Changes to Utility User Fees (water, sewer, solid waste)
  • Charges levied on behalf of other agencies (TransLink, Metro Vancouver, and school taxes)
  • The allocation of the tax rate increase between property classes (residential versus business class)

The My Property Tax Breakdown Calculator below allows you to view information specific to your residential property and determine how your change in assessed value and property tax compares to the District averages. Simply enter your folio number (found on the top left of your tax notice) in the space provided on the calculator to see how you compare.

There are three graphs on this web page you can review:

  • Change in Total Assessed Value by Year
  • Property Tax and Utility % by Type
  • Your Property Tax & Utility Increase/Decrease by Type

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Note: To see exact percentages or payment amounts, place your mouse over the specific shaded bar area.

Change in Total Assessed Value

This graph compares the 2022 average increase in assessed value for all residential properties in the District of 19.71% against the 2022 change in your property's assessed value. If your property valuation has increased above the 19.71% average increase for all residential class properties, your taxes will rise accordingly. If, however, your assessment is below the District average, your tax increase may be lower than the average increase. The graph includes assessed value increases/decreases beginning in 2018 for historical comparison.

Property Tax and Utility Summary for a Residential Class Average Property

*The above graphs detail the utility increase for a Single Family Dwelling.

Based on the taxes and other fees that make up your tax bill, this graph provides a 2021-2022 percentage of total taxes comparison. Municipal Property tax and other agency taxes have changed slightly while the Provincial School share of the bill has maintained its proportion. The District portion of Utility user fees continues to align our cost of providing service with the condition of existing infrastructure and its future replacement.

Your Property Tax and Utility Increase/Decrease Compared to a Residential Class Average Property

*The above graph compares your Utility increase to an increase for a Single Family Dwelling.
Note: The Local Area Service Levy is not included in this graph.

Utility Increase per Property Type
Single Family $92.40
Multi-Family $70.30
Rowhouse / Duplex $78.70
Single Family with Secondary Suite $124.80

Based on the assessed value of your home and the other fees that make up your tax bill, this graph provides 2021-2022 dollar value changes in the property taxes you may expect to pay against the average for the District.

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